Welcome to the Africa Union Financial Services Company, AUFS / RDC SARL. We are a company of Congolese right law.

Under contracts with our DRC partners and clients in the context of the reform and modernization of the customs of the country, we stand out with different specific working tools to achieve the total satisfaction of our partners and / or customers;

Our services have positive consequences leading to job creation and the contribution to the stability of the Congolese economy; So the company will always adopt a "win-win" approach in its relations.

With the main objective of sustaining this stability, we have opted for the establishment of three service regions that will ensure this long-range vision. These regions are: the Kongo-Central Region (Kinshasa City, Kin-Aero, Beach Ngobila, Port of Matada, Port of Boma, Lufu), Katanga Region (Luano Airport, Kasumbalesa, Sakania) and the Kivu Region (Goma Airport, Goma Great Barrier, Beni, Kasindi). And if there is a similar need in the foreseeable future, these service sites can be expanded according to the needs.

Our niche to enter the market makes a difference for our customers with regard to the qualitative delivery of our services. We do not mix up our values and we strive to assure the satisfaction of our partners and customers at all times. We are determined and committed to creating a culture of moral intelligence and accountability to those that we serve and from whom we derive the pleasure of serving more.

Vision   - Make our partners and clients self-sufficient and make them become real sources of revenue for the Country;

Mission - Accompany the Country through our customers and partners to reform and modernization;

Values - Professionalism, Integrity, Respect, Loyalty.